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Japanese grammar lesson 4 asking what something is review notes. Today we learned how to ask what something is using the pattern wa nan desu ka? Using this pattern, we learned how to ask what is this? And what is your name? In japanese. Japanese punctuation (japanese , hepburn yakumono) includes various written marks (besides characters and numbers), which differ from those found in european languages, as well as some not used in formal japanese writing but frequently found in more casual writing, such as exclamation and question marks. Japanese can be written horizontally or vertically, and some punctuation marks. And depending on the situation, you might, instead, use nan (). Which term you use depends on the context, in particular, whether you are speaking or writing formally or informally. Japanese people (japanese , hepburn nihonjin) are an ethnic group that is native to the japanese archipelago and modern country of japan, where they constitute 98. Worldwide, approximately 129 million people are of japanese descent of these, approximately 125 million are residents of japan. People of japanese ancestry who live outside japan are referred. The japanese typically remain quiet because, traditionally in japanese culture, asking why is considered rude and asking how is an admission of ignorance. And admitting ignorance of anything results in a loss of face. The japanese landscape is rugged, with more than four-fifths of the land surface consisting of mountains. There are many active and dormant volcanoes, including mount fuji (fuji-san), which, at an elevation of 12,388 feet (3,776 metres), is japans highest mountain. Abundant precipitation and the generally mild temperatures throughout most of the country have produced a lush vegetation cover.   bbc languages - learn japanese in your own time and have fun with a touch of japanese. Surprising and revealing facts about the japanese language, key phrases to get started, details on the. Japanese (, nihongo ()) is an east asian language spoken by about 128 million people, primarily in japan, where it is the national language. It is a member of the japonic (or japanese-ryukyuan) language family, and its relation to other languages, such as korean, is debated. Japonic languages have been grouped with other language families such as ainu, austroasiatic, and the now. Japanese brazilians (japanese , hepburn nikkei burajiru-jin, portuguese nipo-brasileiros nipobazilejus) are brazilian citizens who are nationals or naturals of japanese ancestry or japanese immigrants living in brazil. Brazil is home to the largest japanese population outside japan. This japanese keyboard enables you to easily type japanese online without installing japanese keyboard. You can use your computer keyboard or mouse to type japanese letters (kanji, hiragana, and katakana) with this online keyboard. In kana mode, click or press the space key to toggle between hiragana input and katakana input.

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